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University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma

OU Fueling StationRecipients of the 2008 Zach D. Taylor, Jr. Clean Cities Vision Award in the Public Sector Category, the University of Oklahoma operates one of most, if not THE most, advanced fleet operations centers in the Midwest. The OU Transportation Operations Center serves OU fleet vehicles, Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) buses, and City of Norman alternative fuel fleet vehicles an array of fuel choices from compressed natural gas (CNG), to 20-percent biodiesel (B20), to 85-percent ethanol (E85), to conventional gasoline and diesel fuel.

Four fast-fill CNG pumps at the state-of-the art fueling and maintenance center allow natural gas vehicles to fuel quickly. An additional eight slow-fill CNG lines located in the CART parking area provide the capability for overnight refueling.

The university fleet includes 160 vehicles fueled by alternative energy sources including 53 flex-fuel sedans and SUVs fueled with E85; 41 heavy duty trucks and CART buses fueled with B20; 15 heavy-duty natural gas buses and shuttles fueled with CNG; three (3) fuel-efficient hybrid-electric cars fueled by NiMH batteries, regenerative braking, and gasoline; and 48 plug-in electric utility vehicles, golf carts, and low-speed electric vehicles used on campus by mail delivery, maintenance and physical plant staff.  

At the official opening of the OU Transportation Operations Center in March 2009, OU President David Boren said the university is committed to the environment and the new Transportation Operations Center is a symbol of that commitment. Boren has made it university policy if an alternative fuel vehicle is available for the type of vehicle needed, the university will purchase the AFV. Additionally, the University of Oklahoma is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange and a signer of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. Under Boren’s leadership the university is committed to purchase 100 percent of its electricity from Wind-powered generation by 2013.

OU Parking and Transportation Services added five new CNG buses to the CART fleet in 2010 with 2009 federal stimulus money and also converted two 2010 model Chevrolet Impalas to operate on CNG with assistance from the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments’ 2009 Public Fleet Conversion Grants program and Central Oklahoma Clean Cities. Delivery is expected on six additional smaller natural gas shuttle buses and paratransit buses in September or October 2010 making the entire CART bus fleet fueled by either CNG or biodiesel.  More information about OU’s Parking and Transportation Services including OU Fleet Services and CART can be found through the OU Parking and Transportation Services website.

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