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Other Incentives

Oklahoma Natural Gas Company - CNG Vehicle and Home Refueling Equipment Rebates

Oklahoma Natural Gas company offers rebates for the purchase of CNG vehicles and home refueling equipment. Effective Nov. 26, 2012, dedicated natural gas vehicles quality for a $1,000 rebate, bi-fuel natural gas vehicles qualify for a $500 rebate, and residential CNG fueling systems qualify for a $1,000 rebate. Rebates are funded through a 25-cent surcharge on each gallon of CNG sold at public-access CNG dispensers owned and operated by Oklahoma Natural Gas. See ONG's website for more information and a downloadable rebate application.

CNG Vehicle & Conversion Loans - Bank Loans

Communication Federal Credit Union - see, or call 800-654-LOAN.

Citizens Bank of Edmond - see, or call 405-341-6650

Allegiance Credit Union - see, or call 800-505-3328

Oklahoma Employees Credit Union - see, or call 877-677-6328

ACOG CLEAN AIR Grants for Public Sector Fleets

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments issues an annual Request for Proposals under its CLEAN AIR Grants for Public Sector Fleets program.

Eligible applicants are Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study member entities and public school districts lying principally within the OCARTS boundaries. Eligible projects include replacement of gasoline and diesel vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles and certain hybrid vehicles. Eligible projects also include replacement of diesel industrial/commercial mowers with alternative fuel mowers and the expansion or addition of alternative fuel refueling infrastructure. All eligible projects must demonstrate mobile source emissions reductions.

For more information, please contact ACOG's CLEAN AIR Grants for Public Sector Fleets program staff at 405-234-2264.

Oklahoma Clean Diesel and Diesel Emissions Retrofit Grants

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality offers funding, when available, through the Oklahoma Clean Diesel and Diesel Emissions Retrofit Grants to qualified school districts, local and state government fleets, and occasionally to private sector fleets. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding may be used for heavy duty vehicle and engine replacements, heavy duty alternative fuel vehicles, and diesel oxidation catalyst retrofits. Restrictions may apply. More information about the Oklahoma Clean Diesel and Diesel Emissions Retrofit Grants can be found on the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality’s website. For details, contact the DEQ Clean Diesel Grants staff at 405-702-4100.

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