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OKLAHOMA CITY – November 17, 2015 - The Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coalition held a stakeholder meeting today co-hosted by Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E) that brought together local auto dealerships, state and local government officials and electric vehicle (EV) drivers to discuss ways to advance electric vehicle ownership in Central Oklahoma.

Preliminary results of an Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) study of metro-area drivers able to meet their daily driving needs with an electric car were presented. The average daily trip distance of urban metro residents is around 37 miles. Nearly all of the popular electric car models on the market today have battery ranges that meet or exceed this distance. These results are based upon a Federal Highway Administration National Household Travel Survey. ACOG is conducting additional analysis and plans to issue a full report in early-2016.

“Electric vehicles can offer a reduced long-term cost of ownership, lower fuel costs, and air quality benefits for our community” said Eric Pollard, Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coordinator. “The cars have very sophisticated technology and are really fun to drive.”

Meeting participants discussed ways to reduce costs and increase the convenience of owning an electric car and installing charging stations at home, work and public locations.

“As energy leaders, we’ve taken the first step by incorporating electric vehicles into our fleet and placing charging stations at our facilities. We plan to add at least 10 electric vehicles each year until our sedan fleet has been converted to 100 percent electric vehicles,” said Harry Emerson, Director of Product Development for OG&E. “Adoption of clean energy technology, like electric vehicles, helps support a healthy environment and economy now and in the future.”   

A recent study by the United States Department of Energy notes that among people who own electric cars, 98 percent of all battery charging takes place at home or at work, adding to the convenience and comfort of the driving experience.

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