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Coalition Gasoline Equivalent Reduction in 2019

About Central OK Clean Cities

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), located in downtown Oklahoma City, is home to the nation’s 48th official U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program and coalition. ACOG received Clean Cities designation on May 29, 1996 and has the distinction of being the nation’s first regional Clean Cities program. Our program primarily represents the four-county Central Oklahoma metropolitan region, but membership reaches across the state. We have several statewide and multi-state stakeholders in common with our sister program, Tulsa Area Clean Cities, located at the Indian National Council of Governments.
Locally, Central Oklahoma Clean Cities program stakeholders represent more than 75 businesses and government agencies with their representatives are members with an additional 250 stakeholders attending meetings. Nationally, nearly 13,000 Clean Cities stakeholders are dedicated to the Clean Cites goals of reducing petroleum dependence in the transportation sector, improving air quality, expanding domestic alternative fuel use, accelerating deployment of advanced technology vehicles, low-level alternative fuel blends, hybrid vehicles, fuel efficient vehicles, fuel economy policies, and idle reduction technologies and policies.
Central Oklahoma Clean Cities and its stakeholders are a dynamic organization and coalition. We are catalysts for new jobs and industry in our region and across the state. Our stakeholders and fleets operate approximately 6,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in Oklahoma and directly represent some 13.6 millon gasoline gallon equivalents petroleum reduction per year. 

Our coalition is made up of business fleets, state and local government fleets, public school fleets, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, energy companies, utilities, fuel marketers, fueling equipment manufacturers suppliers and installers, alternative fuel conversion companies, non-profits, and government agencies.

The Central Oklahoma Clean Cities program is sponsored by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Oklahoma Department of Commerce, as well as by its coalition stakeholders. 

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