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CNG Fueling Station Training for Oklahoma Fire Marshals & Code Officials

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Course will improve knowledge and community safety across Oklahoma

Broken Arrow Fire Chief Jeremy Moore will lead Friday's class.


Fire marshals and code officials from around Oklahoma will receive specialized training on compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations today in Oklahoma City. The free training, held at the offices of the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), is made possible through a federal grant received by Tulsa Area Clean Cities (TACC). TACC and Central Oklahoma Clean Cities (COKCC) partnered to promote the training for Oklahoma's communities.
Oklahoma has 119 public and private CNG fueling stations in 66 cities and 47 counties across the state, with 12 more in the planning phase. With CNG fueling stations located in so many communities across Oklahoma and more planned, it is more important than ever that fire marshals and code officials know about the fuel and its properties, along with relevant codes and standards, in order to make educated decisions when they receive applications for new fueling stations.

The course, taught by Broken Arrow Fire Chief and founder of FS Circle Solutions, Jeremy Moore, is intended to improve the knowledge of local leaders and provide consistency with regard to codes, which both improves community safety and promotes this Oklahoma-made fuel. 

Tulsa Area Clean Cities will host this training again in 2017, in the Tulsa area. Fire marshals, code officials, and other community leaders who are interested in taking these classes in the future should visit or email Daniel Jeffries at

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