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The City of Norman

The City of Norman

Norman Refuse HaulersThe City of Norman will purchase its third natural gas refuse hauler in early 2011. All three vehicles operate exclusively on compressed natural gas (CNG), reducing dependence on petroleum, reducing tailpipe emissions, reducing noise pollution and saving fuel costs. The city has the distinction of being the first in the Central Oklahoma metropolitan region to draft a written Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program plan and to have that plan adopted by its city council, which was accomplished February 28, 2009.  

The three CNG refuse haulers are replacing older diesel models and will reduce particulate matter from the vehicles’ exhaust by 67- to 94 percent; nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 32- to 73-percent; and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) by 69 - to 83-percent. NOx and NMHC are two of the main precursors to photochemical smog and ground-level ozone formation. Noise reduction, measured in decibels, is expected to be reduced by 50-percent behind the vehicles, 90-percent inside the vehicles, and 98-percent beside the vehicles.  

The City of Norman operates seven light-duty CNG pickup trucks along with 29 flex-fuel (E85-capable) pickups, 2 fuel-efficient hybrid-electric sedans, and 65 plug-in electric utility carts. It used 183,000 gallons B20 biodiesel blended fuel in its diesel fleet and instituted a monitored five-minute idle reduction policy in 93 of its heavy-duty vehicles. The policy reduced engine idling by up to 90 minutes per day per vehicle saving up to 0.75 gallons of fuel per day per vehicle. The city’s municipal police fleet also added auxillary batteries to its vehicles reducing engine idling time and allowing emergency equipment to run up to five-hours on battery backup.

From compressed natural gas, to biodiesel fuel, to plug-in electric utility carts, to fuel-efficient hybrids and idle reduction policies and technologies, the City of Norman demonstrates clear support the Clean Cities mission and its portfolio of technologies and reaps the environmental and fuel-saving benefits for its citizens.

The Association of Central Oklahoma Government and Central Oklahoma Clean Cities is very proud to assist the City of Norman in the implementation of its Alternative Fuels Program plan through the award of ACOG Public Fleet Conversion Grant funding and Clean Cities rebates used toward the purchase of the city’s CNG refuse trucks and CNG pickup trucks.

For more information about Norman, Oklahoma, and its environmental efforts visit the city’s website at Alternative Fuels Program and Green Norman.   

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