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Central OK Clean Cities Requests Information on Your Company/Organization Alt Fuel Usage, Idle-Reduction, and Other Fuel Savings Efforts for 2015

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One of the core deliverables for the Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coalition grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy is to collect and report all alternative fuel use and fuel displacement data for the OKC Metro and Western Oklahoma annually. The data reported by our Coalition is then combined with data from nearly 100 other coalitions to determine how much fuel is being displaced by Clean Cities stakeholders nationwide. 

Clean Cities coalitions and stakeholders have saved nearly 6.5 billion gallons of petroleum since the program's inception in 1993. Clean Cities efforts have helped deploy thousands of alternative fuel vehicles and the fueling stations needed to serve them, aided in the elimination of millions of hours of vehicle idling. Last year alone 1 billion gallons of petroleum was displaced.

Our Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coalition displacement goal is to increase our displacement 16% annually. Our stakeholders are central in helping the region achieve this ambitious goal. We can count the following activities toward our annual goal.

  • Replace petroleum with alternative and renewable fuels
  • Reduce petroleum consumption through smarter driving practices and fuel economy improvements
  • Eliminate petroleum use through idle reduction and other fuel-saving technologies and practices.

You can help us acheive our goals by submitting any of these activities by filling out this survey and emailing it to

Thanks in advance for your time and your leadership in alternative fuels and fuel displacement.

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